Hydrogen is the first and lightest element of the periodic table and the most abundant in the universe. The symbol for it is H and it weights 1.007 u, making it the lightest element. It is a diatomic nonmetal, and can be considered a metalloid. Hydrogen reacts violently with Chlorine, Fluorine, Bromine and Iodine. Hydrogen is used as in batteries, turbogenerators and related approaches. it is also related to quantum theory.

Name: Hydrogen                        Colour: colourless

Atomic number:1                       Melting point: 13.99 K (-259.16 C, -434.49 F)

Atomic weight: 1.007 u              Boiling point: 20.271 K (-252.879 C, -423.182 F)

Element Category: diatomic metal

Next element: Helium


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